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Let’s Talk About Chase Bailey! We Love this Young Chef

Welcome back to my blog:  Thank you for taking the time to read about this young chef who has inspired me with his talent and willingness to step out of his own comfort zone.  His name is Chase Bailey, and I was so honored to interview him and his mother Mary for Houston Style Magazine.  Enjoy!


When it comes to eating many of us have that one or a few things that we refuse to digest because of the texture, color, taste or all the above. Most of us grow out of our food struggles, but if you’re a person that is diagnosed with Autism, having food aversions is common; however, getting older is not a factor to changing one’s eating preferences.

For Chase Bailey, his food aversions were so severe, because ever since he was little, he would only eat five things; this habit threatened his health and alarmed his family. Then, according to his mother Mary “one day I noticed how drawn he was to TV cooking programs. Long story short, food became his world—he started overcoming his aversions and even started trying exotic foods. He also decided he wanted to be a chef and have his own cooking show.”

Chase now has a popular YouTube series called “Chase N’ Yur Face”. Each episode features the teen chef demonstrating how to prepare and cook certain types of food. His show has gotten quite a large fan base and notoriety that he’s been on “The Chew” and often has a celebrity chef on his web series.

View Some of Chase’s Webisodes here:  Chase’s Cooking Show

Moreover, I had the pleasure of speaking to Mary Bailey and she was thrilled to tell me how much Chase’s life and health has improved since he became obsessed with cooking. First all, his eating habits have changed completely, he grills and eats vegetables, meats, and loves to experiment with different types of food, plus he likes to bake.

I asked her “did he have a favorite food, and she said I’ll let you ask him” the young chef’s voice was clear and full of joy as he explained to me that he loved “cooking and eating all the classics, burgers, pizza, spaghetti with a classic marinara sauce.” He even asked me a few questions, for example “had I ever eaten foie gras?” After I replied, he went on to tell me how he loved pastor tacos, and other spicy foods.

Furthermore, as of this November, Chef Chase’s cookbook has launched with the main purpose to “celebrate life and raise money to help other people with Autism.” The Official Chase ‘N Yur Face Cookbook “combines delightful recipes, uplifting anecdotes and fun facts”; it is now available for purchase at: and Read more about Chase Bailey by going to his website:

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Meet Chef Marcus Samuelsson: The Food and The Hustle Comes to Houston

Meet Chef Marcus Samuelsson:  The Food and The Hustle Comes to Houston

Hi all, Thank you for tuning in, the article below is originally published in Houston Style Magazine,  in the digital and print versions and is beautifully edited by our Managing Editor.  In this reading, I clipped parts of the original article with some photos of the actual food we were able to enjoy during this seating.

Food has always surrounded the life of Chef Marcus Samuelsson. Since he could put one foot in front of the other he has been engrossed in the art of food,  from catching it to prepping it,  to serving it to others for enjoyment. No wonder he is one of the world’s greatest chefs.

His eclectic background allows his entrees to have the international flair of Ethiopian mixed with the American hodgepodge of New York and bits of other places here and there. Allowing his culinary skills to be much more than just a showcase of food but one that highlights art, beauty, and fashion.

With just one meeting with Chef Samuelsson and his zeal for food is highly apparent. It is almost like he is about to explode because he loves the culinary industry so much. So imagine my excitement when I found out I would be speaking with the genius himself. Yes, I felt like I was about to explode.

I met Chef Samuelsson at the brunch he was hosting for two of his protégés turned restaurant owners – Terrence Gallivan and Seth Gardner of Pass and Provisions located at 807 Taft Street in Houston. Always having his hand in everything, Chef Samuelsson was wearing two hats that day – one of an accomplished chef and the other as a warrior of words as an author. In between tales of his love for people, his work in the food industry, gratitude for those involved in his journey, Chef Samuelsson focused on food and the hustle, the inspiration behind his new book “The Red Rooster Cookbook, The Story of Food and Hustle in Harlem.”

Red Rooster Inspired Brunch


The Rooster Donut


To read the rest of the scoop on Chef Marcus click on this link: More on The Food and Hustle or visit his website:  Marcus Samuelsson.

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See you in Houston Let’s get a bite to eat!


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