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23 Mar

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Hello again,

I just had to share another treasure that I stumbled upon yesterday while driving in Bellaire, Texas during  the lunch hour.  I thought I had mad a wrong turn, but as it turned out, this was  the right turn. On the corner of Bellaire Boulevard and South Rice Street, there is a small shopping center, which contains about four or five shops and a couple of restaurants.

My plan was to dash into the “pasta place” and grab a Greek Salad to go, but when I got out of my car, the aroma of sesame seed oil, lemon grass, and other spices grabbed my nostrils and directed me to a quaint restaurant called Lemongrass Cafe. My timing was perfect, when I approached the entrance, the majority of the “lunch crowd” were leaving.  I was greeted by a well-dressed server, who handed me a menu, and offered a few suggestions,  all contained shrimp, which I had to turn down due to my allergy.  While I quickly gazed over the menu, the aroma of the restaurant had my stomach growling, and when I saw “pad thai”, my mind was made up and the decision was final.

While the picture below is not of my actual order; however,  the one I devoured looked exactly like this one.  The sautéed rice noodles, seasoned chicken breast, and  green onions were wrapped in a beautiful egg crepe, topped with bean sprouts, lemon grass and peanuts. It looked almost too pretty to eat, but I did; the sriracha sauce was served on the side.  The first bite was amazing, and so was the last, the entire meal was tasty, light, and I was quite full, but not stuffed, and I felt energized afterwards.   

Lemon Grass Pad Thai

Lemon Grass Pad Thai

The Lemongrass Cafe is located at: 5109 Bellaire Blvd., Bellaire, Texas; their website is:

Thanks for reading and happy eating!


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