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23 Mar

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Today’s blog features a  hot and spicy bite that I stumbled upon while seeking something quick to eat. I discovered this on an early Friday night; I had a taste for steamed veggie dumplings, garlic, onions, and hot pepper. I was in the middle of a good show, and if I drove to a restaurant, I would still have to wait for my order, so I decided to call in my request and  wait for my dinner in the comfort of my home.

Those of us who order “take-out” regularly, know that there is a minimum purchase requirement to have your order delivered, and lucky for me all of the veggie items on the menu of WoK One are inexpensive.

All of a sudden, my eyes spotted “Spicy Garlic Wings” in the appetizer section of the menu and decided to try them.   I expected about 8 little wing pieces wrapped in foil; however, I received the beautiful and tasty dish that is pictured below.  When I opened the box, the first thought that came to my mind was “my  Facebook friend Kane would love these!”   He and I have traded many comments over the past couple of years about our love of chicken, especially fried chicken, he’s even posted pictures and  videos of  himself eating fried chicken.

Next, I thought, “Get your camera tell everybody!”  The chicken was seasoned well with equal amounts of salt,  garlic, black pepper, and topped with jalepeño slices, and red peppers,  in fact, the heat of the peppers did not over power the other flavors. The garlic seemed to be the central flavor in this dish, followed by the salt, then the peppers, and again I must emphasized that the spices were well balanced in this appetizer. The veggie dumplings were steamed to perfection and they paired well with the chicken.  Wok One is located at: 11611 West Airport Blvd., in City of Meadows Place, Texas.  They are open six days a week, to view their full menu, go to:      

                                                               Spicy Garlic Chicken Wings

Spicy Garlic Chicken Wings

If I haven’t visited your favorite spot yet, feel free to let me know , email me, tweet, or follow my blog and post your comments below.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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