The Screaming Steaming “O”

01 Jan

Happy 2013 One and All!

I am so excited to share with you a dish that literally had me smiling and exclaiming “Oh my goodness, this is awesome!” Furthermore, it’s a vegetarian dish, which features one of my favorite vegetables, okra. The dish is an appetizer called “Okra and Basil Salad”, which contains, okra, tofu, red bell pepper, onions,basil, and a side of steamed rice. It is on the menu at a restaurant called Thai Siam, which is located at 11581 Texas Hwy6 Sugar Land, Texas.  The photo below is my actual meal that was served on a hot cast-iron platter, and subsequently enjoyed by me.Okranbasil

Furthermore, I had my dish prepared spicy (level 3), which seemed to surprise the waiter who stated that a lot of people only insist on mild or level 2, unless they’re from Thailand.  Most Thailand natives request and  can endure the highest level of  spice which is level 4, at this eatery.

I apologize if your mouth is watering, and if you are thinking about taking a trip to Thai Siam, they are open 7 days a week.  Finally, check out  the photos of the “pad thai” and the “tum yum” soup.

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