A Few Good Things: That Taste Great Together

14 Dec
Veev's Organic Cosmopoliitan with lemon.

Veev’s Organic Cosmopolitan with lemon.

A few weeks ago I had the honor and privilege of interviewing one of the co-founders and CEO of Veev, Courtney Reum; he expressed the passion he and his brother have for this product. Their sole purpose was to get the most out of their drinking experience, while improving the quality of what they drank.

“The name VeeV is intended to connote the word for “life” in many romance languages: like “vivre” (pronounced veev) in French or vita (Latin) or viva (Spanish). The name is also supposed to evoke “natural” and “upl…

ifting” feelings.”  VeeV  was created by two brothers  who were bored with the “same ol, same ol”, when it came to drinks that were available in the clubs and bars in their home town of New York City. At the end of the interview we both concluded that I had to try Veev for myself. So far, I’ve only tried the “Organic Cosmopolitan”, which is a light, fruity, but smooth beverage.  It paired well with my dinner: poached fresh red fish, asparagus,   lemon juice and red pepper flakes; the remainder of my fresh cut lemon was cut into small wedges and ended up in my drink.
asparagus,red fish with red pepper flakes and lemon.

asparagus,red fish with red pepper flakes and lemon.

The picture above, was prepared by me, the red fish was from Jackson’s Fresh Seafood Market in Stafford, Texas.  The fish was poached in a little water, olive oil, and lemon juice, when the fish was almost done, I just shook on a few red pepper flakes, added the asparagus to the same skillet, covered it for about ten minutes, plated, and enjoyed with my beverage.

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